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USS Monitor: Quiz


Question 1:
What was the complement of the USS Monitor
59 officers and men
Officers: 32 Enlisted: 232

Question 2: That night, Monitor — under command of Lieutenant ________ — arrived from Brooklyn after a harrowing trip under tow.
John Lorimer WordenUSS St. Lawrence (1848)French ForrestFranklin Buchanan

Question 3:
What company built the USS Monitor?
Continental Iron Works & DeLamater Iron Works , & others
Deptford Dockyard
William Denny and Sons, Dumbarton.
Wyatt and Major, Bucklers Hard

Question 4:
Which of the following was USS Monitor armed with?
2 u00D7 15-inch Dahlgren smoothbores
one 11" Dahlgren smoothbore
six 8u201D Dahlgren guns
2 u00D7, Dahlgren guns

Question 5:
When was the USS Monitor ordered?

Question 6:
When was the USS Monitor laid down?

Question 7:
USS Monitor, Queen Anne's Revenge and H. L. Hunley (submarine) are all:
Shipwrecks of the Carolina coast National Historic Landmarks in North Carolina Archaeology of shipwrecks Ships built in New York

Question 8:
USS Monitor, USS Puritan (BM-1) and USS Onondaga (1864) are all:
Ships built in New York 1862 ships Monitors of the United States Navy Shipwrecks of the Carolina coast

Question 9:
USS Monitor, Battle of Hampton Roads and CSS Virginia are all:
1862 ships Maritime incidents in 1862 Archaeology of shipwrecks Ships built in New York

Question 10: The remains of these sailors, who died while on duty, are at the Joint POW-MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) at ________, Hawaii, awaiting positive identification.
Eielson Air Force BaseAndersen Air Force BaseHickam Air Force BaseKadena Air Base


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