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Question 1: history palaeography derivations diacritics punctuation numerals Unicode list of letters ________
ISO/IEC 8859-16ISO/IEC 8859ANSI escape codeISO/IEC 646

Question 2: The numeric character references in ________ and XML are "U" and "u" for upper and lower case respectively.
HTMLPortable Document FormatOpenDocumentECMAScript

Question 3: The ________ code for capital U is 228 and for lowercase u is 164.
EBCDIC 1047EBCDIC 037EBCDIC 285Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code

Question 4: By the mid-1500s, the "v" form was used to represent the ________ and "u" the vowel sound, giving us the modern letter "u".
ConsonantVelar consonantAlveolar consonantPalatal consonant

Question 5: During the late ________, two forms of "v" developed, which were both used for modern u and v.
Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesLate Middle AgesEarly Middle Ages

Question 6: The ________ code for capital U is 85 and for lowercase u is 117; or in binary 01010101 and 01110101, correspondingly.
Code page 437ASCIIISO/IEC 8859-1Windows-1252

Question 7: In ________ the capital U is codepoint U+0055 and the lowercase u is U+0075.
Han unificationUniversal Character SetUnicodeUTF-8

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