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U.S. Route 25: Quiz


Question 1: Interstate 75, ________, and Interstate 26 in turn lie close to either US 25 or US 25W between Covington, Kentucky, and Hendersonville, North Carolina.
Interstate 55Interstate 30Interstate 25Interstate 40

Question 2: US 25 in Michigan and Ohio was historically known as ________, and the road is still so named in some places.
U.S. Route 70Dixie HighwayAuto trailUnited States Numbered Highways

Question 3: In Greenville County US 25 is an ________ for 3.5 miles before the South Carolina/North Carolina border, having a median barrier and only two at-grade intersections.
Toll roadExpresswayFreewayHighway

Question 4: U.S. Route 425 has no connection whatsoever to US 25, lying in ________ and Louisiana far to the west of any part of US 25, and is a major exception to the normal numbering conventions of the US highway system.
MissouriArkansasGeorgia (U.S. state)Alabama

Question 5: US 25 originally extended northward into Ohio and Michigan before Interstate 75 between ________ and Cincinnati and Interstate 94 between Detroit and Port Huron, Michigan, made most of US 25 superfluous north of Cincinnati.
Metro DetroitGrosse PointeDearborn, MichiganDetroit

Question 6: From Interstate 85 southwest of ________ to Interstate 26 southeast of Hendersonville, North Carolina, US 25, as well as US 25 Truck near Hendersonville, is Corridor W of the Appalachian Development Highway System.
Spartanburg, South CarolinaColumbia, South CarolinaGreenville, South CarolinaFlorence, South Carolina

Question 7: At North Corbin, it splits into US 25W and US 25E, and the highway 'unsplits' in ________.
Knoxville, TennesseeChattanooga, TennesseeClarksville, TennesseeNewport, Tennessee

Question 8: In Kentucky it passes through Covington, Lexington, and it loops Richmond, entering the ________.
VirginiaAppalachian MountainsRocky MountainsGreat Plains

Question 9: The more westerly US 25W passes through ________; the more easterly US 25E passes underneath Cumberland Gap via the Cumberland Gap Tunnel and continues through Morristown, Tennessee.
Knoxville, TennesseeKnox County, TennesseeChattanooga, TennesseeMemphis, Tennessee


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