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U.S. Fire Arms Manufacturing Company: Quiz


Question 1: USFA is best-known for producing firearms based on the Colt ________ revolver.
Colt Single Action ArmySmith & Wesson.357 MagnumColt's Manufacturing Company

Question 2: manufactures semiautomatic M1911 pistols, as well as related models in ________, the Ace .22LR conversion, and the predecessor Colt 1910.
9x19mm Parabellum.38 Super.45 ACP.357 SIG

Question 3: These firearms feature expensive traditional materials and techniques such as engraving or hand engraving, gold inlay, damascening, ________, polishing, and fine metal plating, or other finish.
IronPhosphorusCase hardeningCarbon

Question 4: Though their product line is based on early American designs, USFA employs modern ________ technology.
MetalworkingNumerical controlMilling machineMachine tool

Question 5: United States Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company, Inc. (U.S. Fire Arms Mfg. Co., also USFA) is a privately-held firearms-manufacturing firm based in ________.
BostonHartford, ConnecticutProvidence, Rhode IslandRichmond, Virginia

Question 6: guns are displayed in the exhibit, Guns West![18] at the ________'s own National Firearms Museum.
Second Amendment FoundationSecond Amendment SistersGun politicsNational Rifle Association

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