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U-matic: Quiz


Question 1: U-matic would also see use for the storage of ________ data.
Sound recording and reproductionDigital signal processingCompact DiscDigital audio

Question 2: U-matic is a videocassette format first shown by ________ in prototype in October 1969, and introduced to the market in September 1971.

Question 3: It was among the first video formats to contain the ________ inside a cassette, as opposed to the various open-reel formats of the time.
VideotapeVideo tape recorderQuadruplex videotapeBetacam

Question 4: By the early 1990s, Sony's ½" ________ SP format had all but replaced BVU outside of corporate and 'budget' programme making.
BetacamBetamaxUniversal Media DiscXDCAM

Question 5: [1] ________ used this same type of "U-load" as well.
Universal Media DiscBetacamU-maticBetamax

Question 6: BVU gained immense popularity in ENG and location programme-making, spelling the end of ________ in everyday production.
8 mm film16 mm filmAnamorphic format35 mm film

Question 7: U-Matic S tapes had a maximum recording time of 20 minutes, although some tape manufacturers such as ________ came out with 30 minute tapes by loading the cassette with a thinner tape.
The Travelers CompaniesGeneral Electric3MExxonMobil


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