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U-boat Campaign (World War I): Quiz


Question 1: The German Chancellor, ________, felt that such a submarine blockade, based on "shoot without warning", would antagonise the United States and other neutrals.
Franz von PapenArthur ZimmermannTheobald von Bethmann-HollwegGeorg Michaelis

Question 2: Room 40: original documents, photos and maps about WWI German submarine warfare and British Room 40 Intelligence from ________, Kew, Richmond, UK.
Lord ChancellorHM Land RegistryJudicial Appointments CommissionThe National Archives

Question 3: After refuelling at Newport, Rhode Island, Rose proceeded to raid Allied shipping off the coast of ________ and the United States.
BelizeBarbadosCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 4: It took place largely in the seas around the ________ and in the Mediterranean.
British IslesNorthern IrelandUnited KingdomEngland

Question 5: In 1916 the Germans completed two submarine merchant vessels, to be used as ________.
Blockade runnerUnited StatesE. Lee SpenceSS Georgiana

Question 6: However, this led the Brazilian vessels into waters patrolled by ________.
German Type XXI submarineU-boatGerman Type U 66 submarineGerman Type VII submarine

Question 7: She arrived in ________ on 21 May where she laid mines off the Delaware capes, and cut the submerged telegraph cables which connected New York with Nova Scotia.
Chesapeake BayDelmarva PeninsulaBlue Ridge MountainsAllegheny Mountains

Question 8: UC-5 laid 6 more mines off Boulogne and ________ on 7 September, one of which sank the cable layer Monarch.
FolkestoneLyddHythe, KentNew Romney

Question 9: Both the ________ and United Kingdom relied heavily on imports to feed their population and supply their war industry, thus both aimed to blockade each other.
German colonial empireGerman EmpireHoly Roman EmpireAustria–Hungary

Question 10:
The U-boat Campaign (World War I) (________1918) was the World War I naval campaign fought by German U-boats against the trade routes of the Entente Powers.
SerbiaLondonUnited States1914


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