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U-S-A! cheer: Quiz


Question 1: It has also been used to support wrestlers with pro-American gimmicks, like ________, regardless of the nationality of their opponents.
Stone Cold Steve AustinHulk HoganRic FlairBret Hart

Question 2: fans, who were dismayed by their country's troubles with the ________, inflation, and the malaise of the Carter presidency, found renewed pride in their country vicariously through the young hockey players.
Ruhollah KhomeiniIran – United States relationsMohammad Reza PahlaviIran hostage crisis

Question 3: President ________ visited the ruins at the World Trade Center site in the week following the 2001 attacks.
Ronald ReaganGeorge W. BushGeorge H. W. BushDick Cheney

Question 4: A six-man tag match in 2003 on ________ featuring Hogan (as "Mr.
WWE NXTWWE RawWorld Wrestling EntertainmentWWE SmackDown

Question 5: In ________, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan was popularly known for making the cheer during his wrestling matches and inciting the crowd to repeat it after him.
World Wrestling EntertainmentProfessional wrestlingNational Wrestling AllianceGlobal Professional Wrestling Alliance

Question 6: "Even after learning that the chant had a second meaning to many students — the ________ U Suck Ass — parents said that only applied to overly sensitive ears."[4]
Acronym and initialismEnglish languageAbbreviationUnited States

Question 7: The "U.S.A." cheer has been banned at a ________ school because it has a second meaning.

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