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Question 1: The custom however, clearly predates these codes, and was not limited to Israel; images of the custom have been found on several ________ inscriptions in contexts suggesting that it was practiced across the Near East[5].
Ancient historyAncient Near EastIron Age ChinaAchaemenid Empire

Question 2: The Rama (ad loc) says that the minhag of ________ is not to wear colored tzitzit, and that one should abide by that minhag.
Jewish ethnic divisionsAshkenazi JewsSephardi JewsJews

Question 3: ________ disagrees with Rashi, pointing out that the Biblical spelling of the word tzitzit has only one yod rather than two, thus adding up to the total number of 603 rather than 613.
NahmanidesHurva SynagogueSephardi JewsHaredim and Zionism

Question 4: Tzitzit or tzitzis (Hebrew: Biblical ציצת Modern ציצית) are "fringes" or "tassels" worn by observant Jews on the corners of four-cornered garments, including the ________ (prayer shawl) and tallit katan.
Jewish servicesTallitJewish holidayBrit milah

Question 5: Some archaeologists and non-traditional secular ________ speculate as to the source of the tradition.
Biblical criticismHigher criticismBibleDocumentary hypothesis

Question 6: Furthermore, the number 39 is found to be significant in that it is the ________ (numerical equivalent) of the words: "The Lord is One" Deuteronomy 6:4).
Dream questionGematriaHebrew numeralsNumerology

Question 7: The ________ equates its observance with that of all the mitzvot.
Rabbinic literatureMidrashJewish philosophyTalmud

Question 8: Others, especially ________, use 10-5-6-5 as the number of windings, a combination that represents directly the spelling of the Tetragrammaton (one of God's names).
Sephardi JewsAshkenazi JewsSpanish and Portuguese JewsMizrahi Jews

Question 9: The ________ (Orach Chaim 9:5) records a view requiring that the garment and Tzitzit be the same color, and recommends abiding by this stringency.
HalakhaShulchan AruchHasidic JudaismHaredi Judaism

Question 10: The sum of all numbers is 613, traditionally the number of ________ (commandments) in the Torah.
Jewish ethics613 MitzvotJewish holidayKaraite Judaism


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