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Question 1: The theory began in the Early Church, was at its most influential in the High Middle Ages, and continued to be popular, especially in ________, after the Protestant Reformation, but in subsequent periods has been given less emphasis.
ArminianismCovenant theologyCalvinismJohn Calvin

Question 2: [3] Jewish typological thought has continued to develop in Rabbinic literature, including the ________, with concepts like the Pardes or four approaches to a Biblical text.
Nevi'imJewish eschatologyJewish philosophyKabbalah

Question 3: While in the wilderness, ________ put a brazen serpent on a pole which would heal anyone bitten by a snake who looked at it (Numbers 21:8).

Question 4: What is referred to as Medieval allegory began in the Early Church as a method for synthesizing these seeming discontinuities between the ________ (Old Testament) and the New Testament.
Hebrew BibleDeuterocanonical booksTanakhBiblical canon

Question 5: Thus, whenever one finds an allusion to Jonah in ________ or Medieval literature, it is usually an allegory for the burial and resurrection of Christ.
Byzantine EmpireMedieval artPoor Man's BibleMiddle Ages

Question 6: figura in Latin) in ________ and Biblical exegesis is a doctrine or theory concerning the relationship between the Old and New Testaments.
Biblical canonTrinityChristologyChristian theology

Question 7: Correspondence (theology) - typology of ________.
Gottfried LeibnizEmanuel SwedenborgSoulImmanuel Kant

Question 8: The ________ also have typological fulfillment in the life of Christ.
Jewish holidayPassoverKaraite JudaismJewish Renewal

Question 9: Events in the Old Testament (a term linked with Supersessionism, see Hebrew Bible) are seen as pre-figuring events or aspects of ________ in the New Testament, and, in the fullest version of the theory, that is seen as the purpose behind the Old Testament events occurring.
JesusGospelHoly SpiritChrist

Question 10: While both testaments were studied and seen as equally inspired by ________, the Old Testament contained discontinuities for Christians, for example, the Jewish kosher laws and male circumcision.


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