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Typography: Quiz


Question 1: as a component of ________—type on household appliances, pens and wristwatches, for example
CreativityIndustrial designExperience designProduct design

Question 2: Periodical publications, especially ________ and magazines, use typographical elements to achieve an attractive, distinctive appearance, to aid readers in navigating the publication, and in some cases for dramatic effect.
DefamationMedia biasNews mediaNewspaper

Question 3: Typography has long been a vital part of promotional material and ________.
BrandAdvertisingProduct placementAdvertising research

Question 4: Typography is modulated by orthography and ________, word structures, word frequencies, morphology, phonetic constructs and linguistic syntax.

Question 5: In contrast, ________ uses a more traditional approach, with fewer colors, less typeface variation, and more columns.
The New York Times CompanyInternational Herald TribuneThe Boston GlobeThe New York Times

Question 6: Typography (________: typos—type, graphos—written) is the art and technique of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs.
LinguisticsEtymologyHistorical linguisticsMorphology (linguistics)

Question 7: Other topics such as justified vs unjustified type, use of hyphens, and proper fonts for people with reading difficulties such as ________, have continued to be subjects of debate.
Expressive aphasiaPsychiatryDysgraphiaDyslexia

Question 8: sans-serif type, ________ vs.
HyphenItalic typeDashTypography

Question 9: It was independently developed in mid-15th century ________ with the development of specialised techniques for casting and combining cheap copies of letterpunches in the vast quantities required to print multiple copies of texts.
Western EuropeBalkansEuropeEastern Europe

Question 10: as a component in modern poetry (see, for example, the poetry of ________)
American poetryGertrude SteinEzra PoundE. E. Cummings


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