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Typographic ligature: Quiz


Question 1: Sometimes, a ligature crossing the boundary of a composite word (e.g., ff in shelfful[3]) is considered undesirable, and computer programs (such as ________) provide a means of suppressing ligatures.
LyXWinEdtTeXGNU TeXmacs

Question 2: The ________ font format includes features for associating multiple glyphs with a single glyph, used for ligature substitution.
Computer fontTypefaceTrueTypeOpenType

Question 3: Æ comes from ________, where it was an optional ligature in some words, for example, "Æneas".
Vulgar LatinMedieval LatinLatin literatureLate Latin

Question 4: ________ (one of the main languages of South Asia) which uses a calligraphic version of the Arabic based (Nasta`līq Script) , requires a great number of ligatures in digital typography.
Punjabi languageHindiUrduHindustani language

Question 5: Some forms of the ________ script, used from Middle Ages to the 19th century to write some Slavic languages, have a box-like shape that lends itself to more frequent use of ligatures.
Glagolitic alphabetMacedonian languageCyrillic alphabetEarly Cyrillic alphabet

Question 6: Ligatures figure prominently in many historical scripts, notably the Brahmic ________, or the bind rune in Migration Period Germanic inscriptions.
DevanagariBrāhmī scriptAbugidaMalayalam script

Question 7: The ________ had a unique o-u ligature (Ȣ) that, while originally based on the Greek alphabet's ο-υ, carried over into Latin-based alphabets as well.
Byzantine IconoclasmWestern Roman EmpireRoman EmpireByzantine Empire

Question 8: In writing and ________, a ligature occurs where two or more graphemes are joined as a single glyph.
Prime (symbol)HyphenDashTypography

Question 9: In Old English the Runic letter Wynn (Ƿ) was used, but ________ influence forced Wynn out of use.
Cnut the GreatNormandyNormansEngland

Question 10: The letter hwair (ƕ), used only in transliteration of the ________, resembles a hw ligature.
Gothic languageProto-GermanicMiddle High GermanOld English


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