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Typhon: Quiz


Question 1: The titanic struggle created earthquakes and ________.
SeichePhysical oceanographyMegatsunamiTsunami

Question 2: ________ was commanded to slay the Lion as the first of his Twelve Labors.
Greek mythologyApolloTrojan WarHeracles

Question 3:
Typhon, Cronus and Uranus (mythology) are all:
Mythological hybrids Dragons Offspring of Gaia Greek giants

Question 4: The region of Cilicia in southeastern ________ had many opportunities for coastal Hellenes' connection with the Hittites to the north.
TurkeyIstanbulTurkish peopleAnatolia

Question 5: Ladon was another child of Typhon who was a serpent-like ________ that entwined around the tree in the Garden of the Hesperides and guarded its golden apples.
Phoenix (mythology)DragonSerpent (symbolism)Unicorn

Question 6: Typhon is thus the ________ figuration of volcanic forces, as Hephaestus (Roman Vulcan) is their "civilized" Olympian manifestation.
ProtogenoiHadesChthonicGreek mythology

Question 7: ________, The Greek Myths, (1955) 1960, ยง36.1-3
Robert GravesLaura RidingWilfred OwenSiegfried Sassoon

Question 8: She and her crab were slain by ________ as the second of his Twelve Labors.
HeraclesApolloGreek mythologyTrojan War

Question 9: When ________ finally answered her riddle, she threw herself into the ocean in a fit of fury and drowned.
Trojan WarApolloGreek mythologyOedipus

Question 10: Typhon attempts to destroy ________ at the will of Gaia, because Zeus had imprisoned the Titans.
ZeusGreek mythologyApolloCronus

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