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Question 1: Another method in which actors avoid typecasting is by acting or promoting themselves in a way that is the complete antithesis of their best known role; comedian ________ is a good example of this.
How I Met Your MotherAmerica's Funniest Home VideosBob SagetJohn Fugelsang

Question 2: An ________ singer who has a great deal of success in one role, such as Denyce Graves as Carmen, may become typecast in that role.
French operaThe opera corpusFachOpera

Question 3: Typecasting is the process by which a film, TV, or stage ________ is strongly identified with a specific character, one or more particular roles, or characters with the same traits or ethnic grouping.

Question 4: Typecasting also occurs in other ________.
DramaPerforming artsTheatrePlay (theatre)

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