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Question 1: In some languages, the type of an expression is known only at runtime; these languages are ________.
Primitive data typeProgramming languageC (programming language)Type system

Question 2: Type inference, or implicit typing, refers to the ability to deduce automatically the type of a value in a ________.
Programming paradigmProgramming languageFunctional programmingComputer

Question 3: Basic Typechecking paper by Luca Cardelli, describing algorithm, including an implementation in ________
Lua (programming language)Modula-2Pascal (programming language)Oberon (programming language)

Question 4: The origin of this algorithm is the type inference algorithm for the ________, which was devised by Haskell Curry and Robert Feys in 1958.
Curry–Howard correspondenceFixed point combinatorSimply typed lambda calculusAlonzo Church

Question 5: It is a feature present in some strongly ________ languages.
Primitive data typeReference (computer science)C (programming language)Type system

Question 6: It is often characteristic of — but not limited to — ________ in general.
Functional programmingProgramming paradigmImperative programmingDeclarative programming

Question 7: This feature is planned for Fortress, C++0x and ________.
Java (programming language)Perl 6Python (programming language)Ruby (programming language)


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