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Question 1: A particular instance of a type is called a token of that thing; so ________ was a token of a human being, but is not any longer since he is dead.

Question 2: Likewise, the capital A in this sentence is a token of the first letter of the ________.
Latin alphabetPhoenician alphabetArabic alphabetRunic alphabet

Question 3: Much has been made of the type-token distinction by some philosophers, including ________, who coined it as part of a three-way tone-token-type distinction.
Alfred North WhiteheadCharles Sanders PeirceScientific methodAristotle

Question 4: In recent years, the distinction has been used by philosophers of mind such as Donald Davidson to clarify many ideas about ________ and other physicalist theories of consciousness.
PragmatismGilbert RyleType physicalismMaterialism

Question 5: ________ is a type of thing; cloud is a type of thing (entity); and so on.
HumanHomoHuman evolutionMind

Question 6: ________'s Theory of types.
AristotleAlfred North WhiteheadWillard Van Orman QuineBertrand Russell


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