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Question 1: Type, any proposition or set in the ________
Per Martin-LöfIntuitionistic type theoryConstructivism (mathematics)Intuitionism

Question 2: ________, defines a programming language's response to data types
C (programming language)Primitive data typeReference (computer science)Type system

Question 3: ________, producing text via a keyboard
Keyboard layoutDvorak Simplified KeyboardKeyboard (computing)Typing

Question 4: ________, Pressing buttons (keys) on a keyboard to enter text
Dvorak Simplified KeyboardKeyboard (computing)TypingKeyboard layout

Question 5: ________, which fixes a scientific name to a taxon
Name-bearing typeBiological classificationType (biology)Botanical name

Question 6: ________, categorisation by use or function of domestic dogs
Ancient dog breedsDog typeDog breedDog hybrid

Question 7: ________, basis for the study of type systems
Mathematical logicType theoryFirst-order logicQuantification

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