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Tyneside: Quiz


Question 1: It includes Newcastle upon Tyne, ________, Hebburn, Jarrow, North Shields, and South Shields — all settlements on the banks of the River Tyne.
PelawGatesheadJesmondSunderland, Tyne and Wear

Question 2: High unemployment rates, and a government led by ________ determined to push through with economic transformation, led to great social unrest with strikes and occasional rioting in depressed areas.
Margaret ThatcherHarold MacmillanWinston ChurchillRonald Reagan

Question 3: Three such oarsmen, who came from humble backgrounds and became household names in the North East, were ________, Robert Chambers and James Renforth.
GatesheadHarry ClasperRowing (sport)Tyneside

Question 4: The valley of the River Derwent, a major tributary of the Tyne that rises in ________, saw the development of the steel industry from around 1600 onwards.
County DurhamWiltshireRutlandNorthumberland

Question 5: A well-known group of workers on the river were the ________ who handled the keels, boats that carried the coal from the riverbanks to the waiting colliers.
KeelmenSunderland, Tyne and WearNewcastle upon TyneCounty Durham

Question 6: As on the ________, there were competitions to show who was the best oarsman.
Thames EstuaryRiver ThamesTidewayHenley-on-Thames

Question 7: Tyneside is a conurbation in northern ________, which is home to over 80% of the metropolitan county of Tyne and Wear.
ScotlandEnglandWalesUnited Kingdom

Question 8: The people of the Tyneside area are often called "________".
British EnglishGeordieEnglish languageYorkshire dialect

Question 9: This was led by German immigrant cutlers and sword-makers, probably from around Solingen, who fled from religious persecution at home and settled in the then village of Shotley Bridge, near ________.
Chester-le-StreetBarnard CastleDurhamConsett

Question 10: Coal was first known to be dug in Tyneside from superficial seams in around 1200, but there is some evidence from ________'s writings that it may have been dug as early as 800 AD.
Catholic ChurchJohn ChrysostomPope Gregory IBede


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