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Tyndall effect: Quiz


Question 1: The basis for distinguishing between Tyndall and Rayleigh scattering is that the former is defined as scattering by particulates in ________, while the latter is defined as scattering by particles much smaller than the wavelength of the light, which may be individual atoms or molecules.
SolidLiquidPlasma (physics)Colloid

Question 2: However, this phenomenon is more like reflection, not ________, as the macroscopic particles become clearly visible in the process.
PhotonX-ray crystallographyScatteringLight

Question 3: [1] The blue iris is an example of a ________, in contradistinction to a pigment color.
ColorPurplePrimary colorGreen

Question 4: It is named after the 19th century scientist ________.
John TyndallThomas Henry HuxleySir George Stokes, 1st BaronetWilliam Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin

Question 5: Brown and black irises have the same layer except they have more ________ in it.
Red hairDNAMelaninHuman skin color

Question 6: When the iris in a person's eye is a blue color, the blue is due to Tyndall Scattering in a ________ layer in the iris.
StormwaterWater pollutionWater purificationTurbidity

Question 7: The Tyndall effect, also known as Tyndall scattering, is the scattering of light by ________ particles or particles in suspension.
LiquidColloidPlasma (physics)Solid

Question 8: The importance of the size factor for intensity can be seen in the large exponent it has in the mathematical statement of the intensity of ________.
Diffuse sky radiationRayleigh scatteringLightOptical fiber

Question 9: It is similar to ________, in that the intensity of the scattered light depends on the fourth power of the frequency, so blue light is scattered more strongly than red light.
Rayleigh scatteringOptical fiberDiffuse sky radiationAngular resolution

Question 10: An example in everyday life is the blue colour sometimes seen in the smoke emitted by ________, particularly two stroke machines where the burnt engine oil provides the particles.
Motorcycle engineMotorcycleSuzukiMotorcycle history


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