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Question 1: The development will also feature a new enclosure for ________ and a large aviary.
TigerSnow LeopardPallas's CatLion

Question 2: With recent advances in science it was subsequently found that Siberian Tigers genes have polluted the otherwise pure ________ gene pool of Dudhwa National Park.
Asian Black BearDholeBengal tigerLion

Question 3: Twycross Zoo is a large zoo near the village of Twycross in Leicestershire, close to the border of ________ (on the A444 about 3 miles (4.8 km) off the A42/M42).
WarwickshireWorcestershireWest Midlands (county)Shropshire

Question 4: Also here are ________, giraffes, Bactrian camels, Patagonian sea lions, penguins and many other mammals, birds and reptiles.
Asiatic LionBengal tigerAsiatic CheetahTiger

Question 5: There are also turtles, fruit bats, spiders and a ________ tank.
Boa constrictorBoa (genus)OcelotBoinae

Question 6: Educational material explains how people live in the traditional longhouses in ________.
BorneoSoutheast AsiaIndonesiaMalaysia

Question 7: The Tropical House, opened in 2005, houses a variety of South American species in a ________ walk-through rainforest.
EarthNatureGeologyNatural environment

Question 8: A group of four female ________ occupy a sizeable enclosure on the west side of the zoo.
Indian ElephantTigerAfrican Bush ElephantAsian Elephant

Question 9: The main rainforest exhibit houses free-roaming species which include common marmosets, ________, Linne's two-toed sloths and many varieties of tropical birds.
Green IguanaCyclura nubilaBlue IguanaCyclura ricordi

Question 10: It is also known for its large collection of chimpanzees, some of whom famously featured in television commercials for ________ tea.
PG TipsBrooke BondLiptonUnilever


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