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Two-hybrid screening: Quiz


Question 1: This mutant yeast strain can be made to incorporate foreign DNA in the form of ________.
PlasmidBacterial conjugationArchaeaBacteria

Question 2: In addition to being fused to an integral membrane protein, the Cub moitie is also fused to a transcription factor (TF) that can be cleaved off by ubiquitin specific ________.
Aspartate proteaseProteaseSerine proteaseCysteine protease

Question 3: Proteins from as small as eight to as large as 750 ________ have been studied using yeast.
L-DOPAMetabolismAmino acidAmino acid synthesis

Question 4: Once the selection has been performed, the ________ of the proteins which display the appropriate characteristics must be determined.
Amino acidPrimary structureDisulfide bondProtein biosynthesis

Question 5: [6] This system often utilizes a genetically engineered strain of yeast in which the biosynthesis of certain nutrients (usually ________ or nucleic acids) is lacking.
L-DOPAAmino acid synthesisAmino acidMetabolism

Question 6: It may be of note that the methylation activity of certain E. coli ________ proteins may interfere with some DNA-binding protein selections.
Betaine-homocysteine methyltransferaseDNA methyltransferaseDNMT3BOrnithine transcarbamylase

Question 7: However, yeast two-hybrid data is shown to be of similar quality to data generated by the alternative approach of ________ followed by mass spectrometry (AP/MS).
ImmunohistochemistryELISAImmunoprecipitationDiagnostic immunology

Question 8: Finally, the DNA sequences are determined through ________.
Full genome sequencingDNA sequencingGenome projectHuman Genome Project

Question 9: A cDNA library is constituted by the cDNA produced through ________ of mRNA collected from specific cells of types of cell.
IntegraseThymidine kinaseReverse transcriptaseGlucokinase

Question 10: Moreover, a ________ protein is sometimes not correctly modified in yeast (e.g.
Mammal classificationEven-toed ungulateMammalPrimate


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