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Question 1: Democratic Party nominee ________ used it for publicity.
Barack Obama2004 Democratic National Convention2008 Democratic National ConventionJohn Edwards

Question 2: The ________ started using Twitter[96] to exchange minute-to-minute information about local disasters including statistics and directions.
Hong Kong Red CrossBritish Red CrossCambodian Red CrossAmerican Red Cross

Question 3: In January 2009, US Airways Flight 1549 experienced multiple bird strikes and had to be ditched in the ________.
New York CityHudson RiverNew YorkManhattan

Question 4: Twitter has been described as akin to a Web-based ________ (IRC) client.
Pidgin (software)Miranda IMOpera (web browser)Internet Relay Chat

Question 5: During that meeting, Jack Dorsey introduced the idea of an individual using an ________ service to communicate with a small group, a concept partially inspired by the SMS group messaging service TXTMob.
Steam (content delivery)SMSInternet Relay ChatHypertext Transfer Protocol

Question 6:
What is the revenue of Twitter?
$400,000 Q3
$968 million NZD
$4.35 billion AUD

Question 7:
When was Twitter founded?
2006 GeoEye

Question 8:
Who of the following is a key person at Twitter?
Evan Williams, CEO
Mr. Kim Evans , Mrs. Rosemary Sargison
John V. Evans, Sr., President
Evan Thornley

Question 9:
What city is Twitter based in?

Question 10:
What country is Twitter based in?
New Zealand
Republic of South Africa

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