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Question 1: The game takes place in the streets of Los Angeles on Christmas Eve, ________.

Question 2: Yellow Jacket's special weapon is a ________, which can be launched at opponents to set them ablaze.
Suomi KP/-31Molotov cocktailMosin–NagantWorld War II

Question 3: Sweet Tooth's special weapon is the "Napalm Cone", a scorching scoop of flaming ________.
MilkLondonIce creamBaskin-Robbins

Question 4: Thumper's special weapon is the "Scorcher", a powerful ________.
United StatesTankFlamethrowerWorld War II

Question 5: [11] Sergeant Roberts, the pilot of the ________ "Outlaw", is a police officer who is competing in Twisted Metal in hopes of cleaning up the streets and making the world a safer place.
Station wagonPolice carEmergency vehicle equipmentUnited States

Question 6: The fifth and largest of the six levels, "Cyburbia", takes place in the ________ and features eight opponents that the player must defeat.
New York CityLondonSuburbLos Angeles

Question 7: [16] Scott Campbell, the pilot of the sports car "Specter", is a restless ________ who wishes to become whole once again.

Question 8: The contestants are selected and contacted by Calypso via an ________ message that simply reads "WILL YOU DRIVE?" in red letters.
Email clientE-mailSimple Mail Transfer ProtocolOutlook Express

Question 9: [10] Commander Mason, the pilot of the armored vehicle "Warthog", is an angry army commander hired by the United States government to retrieve a top-secret item from an ________ plane crash.

Question 10: ________
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