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Twin study: Quiz


Question 1: The basic logic of the twin study can be understood with very little mathematics beyond an understanding of ________ and the concept of variance.
Normal distributionPearson product-moment correlation coefficientLinear regressionCorrelation and dependence

Question 2: The first published twin study utilizing the distinction between MZ and DZ twins is sometimes cited as that of the ________ geneticist Hermann Werner Siemens in 1924 [3].
Ethnic GermansAustriaGermansGermany

Question 3: Often the role of environment seems maximal very early in life, and decreases rapidly after ________ begins.
Compulsory educationPropertyRight to educationHuman rights

Question 4: Twin studies are one of a family of designs in behavior genetics which aid the study of individual differences by highlighting the role of environmental and ________ causes on behavior.

Question 5: Heritability of facet-level traits in a cross-cultural twin sample: support for a ________ of personality.
Organizational hierarchyHumanHierarchyBiological organisation

Question 6: BCE), who attributed similar diseases in twins to shared material circumstances, and the stoic philosopher ________ (1st c.

Question 7: Some women frequently produce more than one egg at each ________ period and, therefore, are more likely to have twins.
MenstruationMenopauseMenstrual cycleOvulation

Question 8: This mistake was repeated by ________ (1919), who argued
George E. P. BoxRonald FisherFrank YatesFactorial experiment

Question 9: While twins have been of interest to scholars since early civilization, such as the early physician ________ (5th c.
HippocratesAristotleAncient GreeceAncient Greek medicine

Question 10: IQ) and some more complex heritabilities, with evidence for different genes affecting different elements of the trait - for instance ________.
Rett syndromeAsperger syndromeAutismPervasive developmental disorder


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