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Question 1: It was claimed that TwinVQ files are about 30 to 35% smaller than ________ files of adequate quality.
Audio compression (data)MP3MPEG-1Advanced Audio Coding

Question 2: The format was reverse-engineered in 2009 by the ________ project and decoding of vqf files is supported by the open-source libavcodec library[14].
QuickTimeVorbisFFmpegVLC media player

Question 3: The NTT also offered a TwinVQ demonstration software for non-commercial purposes - NTT TwinVQ Encoder and TwinVQ Player, encoder API, decoder ________ and header file format.
Java (programming language)LinuxApplication programming interfaceUnix

Question 4: The NTT TwinVQ implementation supported sampling frequencies from 8 kHz or 11.025 kHz and ________ from 8 kbit/s.
Video codecBit rateVideo compressionData compression

Question 5: [10][11] The ________ is .vqf.
File Allocation TableFilename extensionFile formatNTFS

Question 6: In the context of the ________ Audio (MPEG-4 Part 3), TwinVQ is an audio codec optimized for audio coding at ultra low bitrates around 8 kbit/s.
MPEG-4MPEG-1MPEG-2Moving Picture Experts Group

Question 7: NTT offered on its website its own player and encoder for download, old versions of ________ were able to encode to TwinVQ, and Winamp supports TwinVQ playback via a plugin[1].
Nero (software suite)PowerISODiscJugglerNero Burning ROM

Question 8: TwinVQ is one of the object types defined in MPEG-4 Audio, published as subpart 4 of ________/IEC 14496-3 (for the first time in 1999 - a.k.a.
ISO 3166OpenDocumentISO 3166-1International Organization for Standardization


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