Twilight: Quiz


Question 1:
Who played Jack Ames the movie Twilight?
Gregory Itzin
Robert Pattinson
Norodom Sihanouk
Gene Hackman

Question 2:
Who played Lt. Verna Hollander the movie Twilight?
Kristen Stewart
Marci Michelle
Doris Kenyon
Stockard Channing

Question 3:
What role did Anna Kendrick play in the movie Twilight?
Jessica Stanley
Elise Charmant
Esme Cullen

Question 4: Within the polar circles, twenty-four hour daylight is encountered in summer and in regions very close to the poles, twilight can last for weeks on the winter side of the ________.

Question 5:
What role did Paul Newman play in the movie Twilight?
Jack Ames
Charlie Swan
Jim Anwell
Harry Ross

Question 6:
Who played Jim Anwell the movie Twilight?
Paul Newman
Andre C. Verderame
Billy Burke
Frank Mills

Question 7:
What role did Ruth Stonehouse play in the movie Twilight?
Catherine Ames
Kate Anwell
Bella Swan

Question 8:
What role did Andre C. Verderame play in the movie Twilight?
Silas Grant
Prince Adit

Question 9:
What role did Gene Hackman play in the movie Twilight?
Jack Ames
Charlie Swan

Question 10:
Who played Elise Charmant the movie Twilight?
Ellen Geer
Josie Davis
Sally Crute
Susan Sarandon

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