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Twentieth Air Force: Quiz


Question 1: The Marianas chain of islands, consisting primarily of Saipan, Tinian, and ________, were considered as being ideal bases from which to launch B-29 operations against Japan.
PalauMarshall IslandsTuvaluGuam

Question 2: Following the end of World War II, Twentieth Air Force remained in the Pacific, being headquartered on ________.
TuvaluPalauGuamMarshall Islands

Question 3: Although very little damage was actually done, the Yawata raid was hailed as a great victory in the American press, since it was the first time since the ________ of 1942 that American aircraft had hit the Japanese home islands.
Doolittle RaidAttack on Pearl HarborJimmy DoolittlePacific War

Question 4: Headquarters, Francis E. Warren AFB, ________

Question 5: On 8 August Foreign Minister Shigenori Tōgō informed ________ that total destruction awaited Japan if it did not accept the terms of the Potsdam Declaration and surrender.
AkihitoHirohitoEmperor TaishōEmperor Meiji

Question 6: This variant had been built by Bell Aircraft at ________ and had been manufactured without the General Electric gun system in order to save weight.
Cobb County, GeorgiaRoswell, GeorgiaMarietta, GeorgiaKennesaw, Georgia

Question 7: ________, 1 Jul 1993
Space and Missile Systems CenterVandenberg Air Force Base67th Network Warfare GroupAir Force Space Command

Question 8: That very same day, the Soviet Union had declared war on Japan, and it launched an immediate large armored invasion of ________.
ManchuriaManchukuoNortheast ChinaYuan Dynasty

Question 9: The ________ (768th, 769th, 770th, and 771st squadrons) to Piardoba, arriving there on April 7.
40th Air Expeditionary Wing462d Strategic Aerospace Wing444th Bombardment Group9th Operations Group

Question 10: On the night of March 11-12, the B-29s were in action again, this time against the city of ________.
Toyota, AichiToyohashi, AichiOkazaki, AichiNagoya


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