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Question 1: Because of these characters, the shell somewhat resembles a miniature ________'s tusk, hence the common name tusk shell.
LionHippopotamusAsian ElephantElephant

Question 2: One pair each of cerebral and pleural ganglia lie close to the oesophagus, and effectively form the animal's ________.
Sensory systemNervous systemDigestionBrain

Question 3: However, unlike an elephant's tusk, the shells of these molluscs are hollow and open at both ends; the opening at the larger end is the main or anterior ________ of the shell.
PhotographyApertureFocal lengthF-number

Question 4: Dentalium shells were also used to make belts and headdresses by the Natufian culture of the ________, and are a possible indicator of early social stratification.
AsiaMiddle EastWestern AsiaIran

Question 5: Tusk shells are well-known in the fossil record, having first appeared in the ________.
CarboniferousSilurianGeologic time scaleOrdovician

Question 6: Molecular data suggests that the scaphopods are a sister group to the ________, although higher-level molluscan phylogeny remains somewhat unresolved.

Question 7: The remainder of the digestive system consists of an oesophagus, ________, and intestine.
Small intestineColon (anatomy)Vermiform appendixStomach

Question 8: There are no ________; the entire surface of the mantle cavity absorbs oxygen from the water.
Fish anatomyFishGillDemersal fish

Question 9: The tusk shells or scaphopods are a class of marine ________ which vary in size from minute to medium sized.

Question 10: Water enters the mantle cavity through the apical aperture, and is wafted along the body surface by ________.


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