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Turquoise: Quiz


Question 1: Lesser material may be carved into fetishes, such as those crafted by the ________.
New MexicoAncient Pueblo PeoplesPuebloan peoplesZuni

Question 2: In the rainy winter months, miners face a risk from ________; even in the dry season, death from the collapse of the haphazardly exploited sandstone mine walls is not unheard of.
Tropical cycloneStormStorm drainFlash flood

Question 3:
What is the melting point of Turquoise?

Question 4: Turquoise, associated with the goddess ________, was so liked by the Ancient Egyptians that it became (arguably) the first gemstone to be imitated, the fair structure created by an artificial glazed ceramic product known as faience.
IsisMutHathorEgyptian pantheon

Question 5: Since at least the First Dynasty (3000 BCE), and possibly before then, turquoise was used by the ________ and was mined by them in the Sinai Peninsula, called "Country of Turquoise" by the native Monitu.
Ancient EgyptCoptEgyptiansCairo

Question 6: The former mine is situated about 4 kilometres from an ancient temple dedicated to ________.
IsisMutHathorEgyptian pantheon

Question 7: Additionally, ________ reported turquoise found in present-day Sichuan.
Silk RoadMongol EmpireMarco PoloNiccolò and Maffeo Polo

Question 8: The turquoise is found in sandstone that is, or was originally, overlain by ________.
Igneous rockLavaBasaltFlood basalt

Question 9: Turquoise is treated to enhance both its colour and durability (i.e., increased ________ and decreased porosity).
HardnessSolidYoung's modulusYield (engineering)

Question 10: It was apparently unknown in ________ until the Mughal period, and unknown in Japan until the 18th century.
Research and Analysis WingLok SabhaIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementIndia

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