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Question 1: High turnover can be harmful to a company's ________ if skilled workers are often leaving and the worker population contains a high percentage of novice workers.
Value productProductivityCapital accumulationLabour power

Question 2: Examples include Hertzberg's ________, McClelland's Theory of Needs, and Hackman & Oldham's Job Characteristics Model [5]
Two-factor theoryHygiene factorsMotivationAbraham Maslow

Question 3: In a human resources context, turnover or labor turnover is the rate at which an ________ gains and loses employees.
FlextimeUnemploymentWage slaveryEmployment

Question 4: New York City: ________.
McGraw-HillStandard & Poor'sWRTVPlatts

Question 5: Unskilled positions often have high turnover, and employees can generally be replaced without the organization or ________ incurring any loss of performance.
Companies lawBusinessCorporationCorporate law


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