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Turnover: Quiz


Question 1: Turnover is sometimes a synonym for revenue (or in certain contexts, ________), especially in European and South African usage.

Question 2: ________, relative rate at which an employer gains and loses staff, especially in North American usage
Fred H. ColvinOccupational safety and healthTurnover (employment)McGraw-Hill

Question 3: ________ refers to the replacement of old cells with newly generated ones.
Cyclin-dependent kinaseCell cycleCDKN1BCyclin

Question 4:
  • Asset turnover is a financial ratio that measures the efficiency of a company's use of its ________ in generating sales revenue or sales income to the company.
    Valuation (finance)Cash flow statementBalance sheetAsset

Question 5: Turnover is sometimes the name for a measure of how quickly ________ is sold.
AssetAccountancyBalance sheetInventory

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