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Turn and bank indicator: Quiz


Question 1: The gyro is mounted in a single ________ with its spin axis parallel to the lateral axis of the aircraft and the axis of the gimbal parallel with the longitudinal axis.
ItalyGimbalCompassAncient history

Question 2: In ________, the turn and bank indicator (or turn and slip indicator) shows the rate of turn and the coordination (slip or skid) of the turn.
Fighter aircraftAviationPowered hang gliderAirship

Question 3: turn"; some turn-and-slip indicators used in faster aircraft like the ________ are marked "4 min.
Boeing 747AirbusConcordeBAC TSR-2

Question 4: The rate of turn is indicated from a rate ________ and the coordination of the turn is shown by either a pendulum or a heavy ball mounted in a curved sealed glass tube.
Gyro monorailGyroscopeAngular momentumPrecession

Question 5: Precession is the characteristic of a ________ that causes an applied force to produce a movement, not at the point of application, but at a point 90° from the point of application in the direction of rotation.
Gyro monorailAngular momentumGyroscopeFlight dynamics

Question 6: turn", while ________ are usually set to one minute turns).
Glider (sailplane)Powered hang gliderFixed-wing aircraftHang gliding

Question 7: Rate instruments such as the turn-and-slip indicator operate on gyroscopic ________.
General relativityAxial precession (astronomy)PrecessionForce


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