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Turkmen people: Quiz


Question 1: The Turkmen (Türkmen or Түркмен, plural Türkmenler or Түркменлер) are a Turkic people located primarily in the Central Asian states of Turkmenistan, ________, northern Iraq and in northeastern Iran.
AfghanistanCentral Intelligence AgencyNATONon-Aligned Movement

Question 2: Self-proclaimed President for Life ________ was largely responsible for many of the changes that have taken place in modern Turkmen society.
TurkmenistanMuhammetnazar GapurowSaparmurat NiyazovGurbanguly Berdimuhamedow

Question 3: ________, where around 100,000 Salar Turkmens live in Qinghai, Gansu, and Xinjiang, particularly concentrated in Xunhua Salar Autonomous County.
ChinaTime in ChinaProvince (China)Religion in China

Question 4: Following the decline of the Mongols, Tamerlane conquered the area and his Timurid Empire would rule, until it too fractured, as the Safavids, Uzbeks, and ________ all contested the area.
KazakhstanUzbekistanKhanate of KhivaKhwarezm

Question 5: Secularism and ________ remain prominent for many Turkmen intellectuals who favor moderate social changes and often view extreme religiousity and cultural revival with some measure of distrust.
NontheismRelationship between religion and scienceDavid HumeAtheism

Question 6: The majority of the inhabitants were converted to ________ as the region grew in prominence.
Islamic schools and branchesIslamMuslim historyMosque

Question 7: There is a noticeably large Turkmen community in the ciy of ________.

Question 8: Finally, the Sassanid Empire based in Persia ruled the area prior to the coming of the Muslim ________ during the Umayyad Caliphate by 716 CE.
SyriaArab peopleIraqPalestinian people

Question 9: It is spoken by over 3,600,000 people in Turkmenistan, and by roughly 3,000,000 people in other countries, including Iran, ________, and Russia.
Central Intelligence AgencyNATOAfghanistanNon-Aligned Movement

Question 10: [14] Up to 50% of native speakers in Turkmenistan also claim a good knowledge of Russian, a legacy of the ________ and Soviet Union.
British EmpireGolden HordeRussian EmpireOttoman Empire


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