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Turkish people: Quiz


Question 1: The Republic of Turkey was born from the disastrous World War I defeat of the ________.
Turkish peopleIstanbulByzantine EmpireOttoman Empire

Question 2:
Where is Sibel Kekilli?

Question 3: Turkish instruments were also included in ________'s Symphony Number 9.
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartLudwig van BeethovenBeethoven and his contemporariesBeethoven's musical style

Question 4:
When did Lisa Marie Varon make his debut?
World's Finest Comics #295
June 2000

Question 5:
What is the full name of Suleiman the Magnificent?
Kirmani v Captain Cook Cruises Pty Ltd
Kanuni Sultan Suleyman Han
Nigerien Confederation of Labour
Write Anywhere File Layout

Question 6:
What did Orhan Pamuk do for a living?
Jam manufacturer
poet, editor, musician, and film personality
Television producer, screenwriter, actor
Novelist, Professor of Comparative Literature and Writing

Question 7: [67] A counteroffensive launched in 1097 by the ________ with the aid of the Crusaders dealt the Seljuks a decisive defeat.
Byzantine literatureByzantine GreeksByzantine navyByzantine Empire

Question 8: Throughout history, the Turks have established numerous states in different geographical areas on the continents of Asia, Europe and ________.
Sub-Saharan AfricaAfricaAfrican UnionScramble for Africa

Question 9:
Which of the following titles did Turkish people have?
"Dayan Yalnu0131zlu0131u011Fu0131m"
Jeolla Province
Member of Parliament for Linlithgowshire

Question 10:
Which of the following languages is spoken in Turkish people?

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