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Turkish literature: Quiz


Question 1: the târih (تاريخ), or history, a tradition in which there are many notable writers, including the 15th-century ________ Aşıkpaşazâde and the 17th-century historians Kâtib Çelebi and Naîmâ
Modern historyAnthropologyHistorianHistoriography

Question 2: Turkey was a guest of honour at the ________ in 2008.
MainzFrankfurt Book FairGermanyJohannes Gutenberg

Question 3: Over time, this change—together with changes in Turkey's system of education—would lead to more widespread ________ in the country.
LiteracyMultimedia literacyAdolescent literacyInternational Reading Association

Question 4: Along with this notion developed the idea of a Turkish and even pan-Turkish ________ (Turkish: millet), and so the literature of this period came to be known as "National Literature" (Turkish: millî edebiyyât).
NationLawNation stateEthnic group

Question 5: the tezkîre (تذکره), a collection of short ________ of notable figures, some of the most notable of which were the 16th-century tezkiretü'ş-şuarâs (تذكرة الشعرا), or biographies of poets, by Latîfî and Aşık Çelebi
Alexander the GreatClassical antiquityBiographyHistoriography

Question 6: In folk poetry—which is by far the tradition's dominant ________—this basic fact led to two major consequences in terms of poetic style:
SatireGenreScience fictionLiterature

Question 7: In a very different tradition, but evincing a similar strong political viewpoint, was the satirical short-story writer ________ (1915–1995) and Rıfat Ilgaz(1911-1993).
Turkish literatureNâzım HikmetAziz NesinElif Şafak

Question 8: Following the Ottoman Empire's defeat in the First World War of 1914–1918, the victorious Entente Powers began the process of carving up the empire's lands and placing them under their own ________.
Composite Index of National CapabilityHistorical powersNATOSphere of influence

Question 9: Turkish folk literature is an ________ deeply rooted, in its form, in Central Asian nomadic traditions.
Oral traditionEpic poetryCultureOrality

Question 10: This novel can be seen as the precursor to two trends that would soon develop:[20] ________, and the "village novel" (köy romanı).
Social realismConstructivism (art)ExpressionismAbstract expressionism


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