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Turkish bow: Quiz


Question 1: ________ and Avars, earlier confederations probably under Turkic domination, also used composite bows, as did their predecessors in Central Asia.
BulgarsByzantine EmpireHunsAttila the Hun

Question 2: It has been used throughout Turkish history by the Turkish cavalry archers since the arrival of Turks from ________.
Central AsiaSiberiaSouth AsiaMiddle East

Question 3: The sport declined gradually until the reign of ________ who made great efforts to revive it.
AbdülazizOttoman EmpireMahmud IIAbdülmecid I

Question 4: The construction was that of the classic Asiatic ________, with a wooden core (maple was most desirable), animal horn on the side facing the archer, and sinew on the back.
Bow (weapon)Composite bowMounted archeryCrossbow


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