Turkey: Quiz


Question 1: European Turkey (eastern Thrace or Rumelia in the ________ peninsula) comprises 3% of the country.
Western EuropeCentral EuropeBalkansEastern Europe

Question 2:
What is the native name for Turkey
Tu00FCrkiye Iu015Fu00E7i Sendikalari Konfederasyonu
Tu00FCrkiye Bu00FCyu00FCk Millet Meclisi
Tu00FCrkiye Cumhuriyeti
Tu00FCrkiye Devrimci u0130u015Fu00E7i Sendikalaru0131 Konfederasyonu

Question 3:
The population density of Turkey: How many people are there per square kilometre?

Question 4: The ________ and İzmir by the Allies in the aftermath of World War I prompted the establishment of the Turkish national movement.
Greco-Turkish War (1919–1922)Chronology of the Turkish War of IndependenceOccupation of ConstantinopleTurkish War of Independence

Question 5:
When was Turkey established?

Question 6: In 2000, Galatasaray cemented its role as a major European club by winning the ________ and UEFA Super Cup.
2009–10 UEFA Europa LeagueUEFA Europa League2010 UEFA Europa League FinalAFC Ajax

Question 7:

Question 8: Executive power is exercised by the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers which make up the government, while the legislative power is vested in the unicameral parliament, the ________.
Assembly of the Republic (Northern Cyprus)Federal Assembly of RussiaPolitics of TurkeyGrand National Assembly of Turkey

Question 9: [105] Based on a nationwide survey in 2007 however, it showed 96.8% of Turkish citizens have a ________, while 3.2% are irreligious and atheists.
SoulReligious beliefRelationship between religion and scienceReligion

Question 10:
What is the population of Turkey?
1,437,477 4

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