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Turing machine examples: Quiz


Question 1: In 1985, Stephen Wolfram conjectured that a one-dimensional two-state cellular automaton he later called ________ was Turing complete (universal).
Turing machineMatthew CookRule 110Turing completeness

Question 2: For more about the atomization of Turing 5-tuples see ________:
Mathematical logicAlonzo ChurchPost–Turing machineHalting problem

Question 3: So-called "canonical" ________ do the symbol tests "in parallel"; see more at microprogramming.
Nondeterministic finite state machineTuring machineDeterministic finite-state machineFinite-state machine

Question 4: For complete references see ________.
Context-free grammarAutomata theoryTuring machineFinite-state machine

Question 5: As stated in the article ________, Turing proposed that his table be further atomized by allowing only a single print/erase followed by a single tape movement L/R/N.
Automata theoryTuring machineFinite-state machineContext-free grammar

Question 6: The following are examples to supplement the article ________.
Automata theoryFinite-state machineTuring machineContext-free grammar


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