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Turboprop: Quiz


Question 1: The world's first turboprop was the Jendrassik Cs-1, designed by the Hungarian ________ György Jendrassik.
Electrical engineeringEntertainment engineeringMechanical engineeringAerospace engineering

Question 2: The propeller is coupled to the turbine through a ________ that converts the high RPM, low torque output to low RPM, high torque.
Transmission (mechanics)Differential (mechanical device)PowertrainGear ratio

Question 3: Turboprop engines are a type of aircraft powerplant that use a ________ to drive a propeller.
Power-to-weight ratioInternal combustion engineDiesel engineGas turbine

Question 4: The world's first single engined turboprop aircraft was the Armstrong Siddeley Mamba-powered ________, which first flew on 24th March 1948[4].
Boulton Paul BalliolBoulton Paul SidestrandBoulton Paul DefiantBlackburn Roc

Question 5: Shaft engines (to drive ________, rotors, ducted fans, or propfans):
Propeller (aircraft)Jet enginePropellerSteamboat

Question 6: While most modern turbojet and turbofan engines use ________, turboprop engines usually contain at least one stage of centrifugal compression.
Axial compressorTurboshaftAfterburnerCombustor

Question 7: Fuel is then added to the compressed air in the combustor, where the fuel-air mixture then ________.
OxygenCombustionInternal combustion engineFire

Question 8: Large military and civil aircraft, such as the ________ and the Tupolev Tu-95, have also used turboprop power.
T-33 Shooting StarLockheed L-188 ElectraP-3 OrionC-130 Hercules

Question 9: The first turbine powered, shaft driven helicopter was the Bell XH-13F, a version of the ________ powered by Continental XT-51-T-3 (Turbomeca Artouste) engine[6].
Bell 206Bell 47J RangerH-13 SiouxBell 47

Question 10: In its simplest form a turboprop consists of an intake, compressor, ________, turbine, and a propelling nozzle.


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