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Tupolev Tu-144: Quiz


Question 1: [16] One important offshoot of this was that while Concorde could ________ (maintain supersonic flight without using its afterburners), the Tu-144 could not.
F-16 Fighting FalconF-35 Lightning IISupercruiseF-22 Raptor

Question 2: Therefore, originally the Tu-144 prototype was fitted with the inefficient Kuznetsov NK-144 ________ and additionally gave much greater nacelle drag.

Question 3:
How many Tupolev Tu-144s have been built?
16, D
1 x SZD-16 Gil, 1 x SZD-25 Nov, 30 x SZD-25A Lis

Question 4:

Question 5: The Tu-144S model of which nine were produced featured the Kuznetsov NK-144F ________ engines that offered better fuel efficiency over the original engines.

Question 6:
Which of the following are related to Tupolev Tu-144?
* Tupolev Tu-22n* Tupolev Tu-98n* Tupolev Tu-160
* Tupolev Tu-95n* Tupolev Tu-114n* Tupolev Tu-119n* Tupolev Tu-126
* Tupolev Tu-154n* Tupolev Tu-334
* Tupolev Tu-244n* Tupolev Tu-444

Question 7:
What type is thing is Tupolev Tu-144?
Flying boat airliner then search and rescue
Supersonic airliner
19 seat regional airliner
Airliner and military transport

Question 8:
What is the capacity of Tupolev Tu-144?
120-140 passengers, but normally 70~80 passengers

Question 9:
What company manufactures Tupolev Tu-144?
General Motors, Avtotor and Yulon
Tupolev OKB

Question 10: This gave the Tu-144D the ability to cruise at a comparable speed to ________ at 2,124 kph/1,319 mph (Mach 2.0).
ConcordeBoeing 747BAC TSR-2Airbus

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