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Tupolev: Quiz


Question 1: His most famous design was the supersonic airliner ________.
Tupolev Tu-95Tupolev Tu-144Tupolev SBTupolev Tu-160

Question 2:
What industry is Tupolev in?
Defense Services & Equipment
Aviation, Marine, Defense
Aerospace and defense
Homeland Defense Products and Services

Question 3:
What type of company is Tupolev?
Private, LLC.

Question 4:
When was Tupolev founded?

Question 5:

Question 6:
Which of these is a Tupolev product?
Healthline Navigator
Military aircraft
Video games

Question 7: One common feature found in many large subsonic Tupolev jet aircraft is large pods extending rearward from the trailing edge of the wings, holding the aircraft's ________.
UndercarriageWingtip deviceAircraft flight control systemGlass cockpit

Question 8: For example the Tu-154 'Careless' airliner, the Soviet equivalent of the ________, has 14 tyres, the same number as Boeing's far larger 777-200.
Boeing 747Boeing 727Boeing 757Boeing 737

Question 9: Intended as a counterpart to the Convair ________, the 'Blinder' proved rather less capable, although ironically it remained in service far longer than the American aircraft.
Convair XB-46Convair B-36Convair YB-60B-58 Hustler

Question 10: As ________ were not fuel efficient enough to provide truly intercontinental range, the Soviets elected to design a new bomber, the Tu-20 'Bear', more commonly referred to as the Tu-95.

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