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Tuplet: Quiz


Question 1: ________
Progressive rockKing CrimsonList of musical works in unusual time signaturesKeith Emerson

Question 2: For other tuplets, the number indicates a ________ to the next lower normal value in the prevailing meter.

Question 3: The term "________" (or "polymeter"), sometimes incorrectly used to mean a tuplet, refers to the complex rhythm produced by the simultaneous use of opposing time signatures (Read 1964, 167).
PolyrhythmJazzKing CrimsonHeavy metal music

Question 4: A whole ________ divides into two half notes, a half note into two quarters, etc.
NoteSemitoneOctavePitch (music)

Question 5: With a stress on each target ________, one would count:
OctavePitch (music)SemitoneNote

Question 6: Traditional ________ privileges duple divisions of a steady beat or prevailing time unit.
Music theoryMusical notationClassical musicMusical scale


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