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Tuor: Quiz


Question 1: Meanwhile Ulmo, Vala of Waters, heard of his plight and chose Tuor to bear a message to Turgon, Lord of the Hidden City of ________, and give a hope for the Elves and Men.
Minor places in BeleriandGondolinDoriathHithlum

Question 2: Tuor is a fictional character from ________'s Middle-earth legendarium.
J. R. R. TolkienJ. R. R. Tolkien's influencesBeowulf: The Monsters and the CriticsThe Hobbit

Question 3: For the question of etymology of Tuor's name see ________.
House of HadorTúrin TurambarHouse of BëorHouse of Haleth

Question 4: Tuor's story is one of many told briefly in the 23rd chapter of ________.
Unfinished TalesThe SilmarillionMiddle-earthJ. R. R. Tolkien

Question 5: But she delivered him to the care of the Elves and departed, dying upon the ________.
Minor places in BeleriandNírnaeth ArnoediadMiddle-earthTúrin Turambar

Question 6: He is the grandfather of ________ Half-elven and one of the most renowned ancestors of the Men of Númenor and of the King of the Reunited Kingdom Aragorn Elessar.

Question 7: Thence he was led by seven swans, and came at last to the old dwellings of Turgon at ________.
Túrin TurambarMiddle-earthNírnaeth ArnoediadMinor places in Beleriand

Question 8: Tuor was fostered by the Elves in the caves of ________ in the Mountains of Mithrim, living a hard and wary life.
Minor places in BeleriandMiddle-earthNírnaeth ArnoediadTúrin Turambar

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