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Tuna: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the genus authority of Tuna?
Doubleday, 1845
South, 1845
Guenu00E9e, 1845
Guu00E9nu00E9e, 1845

Question 2:
Tuna, Salmon and Trout are all:
Edible fish Arabic words and phrases Scombridae Oily fish

Question 3: Word spread quickly about the exciting new sport of ________.
Marlin fishingAnglingBig-game fishingLand-based game fishing

Question 4: In March 2004 the ________ FDA issued guidelines recommending that pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children limit their intake of tuna and other predatory fish.
AlaskaCanadaUnited StatesPhilippines

Question 5:
What family does Tuna belong to?

Question 6: These include yellowfin tuna in the eastern Pacific Ocean, but not ________.
AlbacoreSwordfishOrange roughyBigeye tuna

Question 7: ________ swim beside several tuna species.
CetaceaDolphinBottlenose dolphinToothed whale

Question 8: While many stocks are managed sustainably, it is widely accepted that bluefin have been severely ________, with some stocks at risk of collapse.
OverfishingWild fisheriesFisheries managementSustainable fisheries

Question 9: In 2005 Nauru, defending its vote at that year's meeting of the ________, argued that commercial whaling is necessary for preserving tuna stocks and that country's fishing fleet.
FranceCanadaInternational Whaling CommissionCyprus

Question 10: Canned tuna is a prominent component in many weight trainers' diets, as it is very high in ________ and is easily prepared.


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