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Question 1: An example of a cancer-specific marker, CEA, or carcinoembryonic antigen, is a blood-borne protein, first noted to be produced by tumors of the ________.
PeritonitisHuman gastrointestinal tractAscending cholangitisColorectal cancer

Question 2: Example: elevated AFP in a child previously treated for ________ suggests relapse with endodermal sinus tumor.
Germ cell tumorTeratomaICD-10 Chapter II: NeoplasmsChoriocarcinoma

Question 3: PSA (________) is produced by the normal prostate.
Factor XProstate-specific antigenReelinPlasmin

Question 4: surgical intervention or ________), and a recurrence can often be detected by the finding of rising levels.
Cancer immunotherapyAntineoplasticChemotherapyATC code L

Question 5: A few examples of these markers are CEA, CA19-9, ________.

Question 6: Example: elevated ________ suggests prostate cancer.
Prostate-specific antigenReelinFactor XPlasmin

Question 7: CA15-3: Elevated CA15-3, in conjunction with ________, was shown to increase chances of early recurrence in breast cancer.
Phospholipase A2Alkaline phosphataseAspartate transaminaseReference ranges for blood tests

Question 8: A tumor marker is a substance found in the ________, urine, or body tissues that can be elevated in cancer, among other tissue types.
Blood plasmaPlateletRed blood cellBlood

Question 9: Diagnosis of specific tumor types, particularly in certain brain tumors and other instances where ________ is not feasible.

Question 10: Screening for common ________ on a population basis


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