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Tumble finishing: Quiz


Question 1: For tumbling of rocks as a lapidary technique, a plastic or rubber-lined barrel is loaded with a consignment of rocks, all of similar or the same hardness, some ________ grit, and a liquid lubricant.
CarbonSharpening stoneAbrasiveAbrasive machining

Question 2: In the field of ________, a similar process called barreling, or barrel finishing,[1] works upon the same principles.
MetalworkingBrake (sheet metal bending)Metalworking terminologyForging

Question 3: ________ grit is commonly used, and water is a universal lubricant.
IronAluminiumSilicon carbideCarbon

Question 4: Stained glass shards used for ________ glass are also tumbled.
Ceramic artPaper marblingMosaicCollage

Question 5: During the 1970s, small rock tumblers were a common hobby item, and ________ decorated with tumbled semi-precious stones was very much in fashion.
BrassBody piercingGoldJewellery

Question 6: Tumbling is used to polish and smooth ________ for recreational use, but it has the unfortunate effect of making their sides and faces somewhat uneven and thus making the dice less than fair.


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