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Tumah: Quiz


Question 1: The requirements for immersing in a mikvah are discussed in ________.
Jewish ethicsRitual washing in JudaismMikvehHalakha

Question 2: niddah, zav/zavah[2] (See ________ Chapter 15) [3]
Book of NumbersPsalmsBook of DeuteronomyBook of Leviticus

Question 3: Typically, one can remove oneself or one's items from being tamei by waiting a certain period of time and then immersing the tamei item in a ________.
HalakhaMikvehTzedakahJewish services

Question 4: By contracting tzaraat - see ________ chapters 13-14.
Book of DeuteronomyPsalmsBook of LeviticusBook of Numbers

Question 5: Tumah is a state of ritual impurity in ________ (Jewish law).
HalakhaHasidic JudaismOrthodox JudaismHaredi Judaism

Question 6: By coming in contact with certain dead animals, including most insects and all lizards (enumerated in ________, Chapter 11, verses 29 - 32).
Book of NumbersBook of DeuteronomyBook of LeviticusPsalms

Question 7: Today, in the absence of a Holy Temple, the only purification method available involves washing or immersion in a ________.
Jewish servicesHalakhaTzedakahMikveh

Question 8: In the days of the Holy Temple, there were special sacrifices and ceremonies for purification from various types of tumah including the ________ ceremony for contact with the dead, and special ceremonies for tzarat and childbirth.
IsraelitesMikvehThird TempleRed Heifer


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