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Tulu language: Quiz


Question 1: Five short and five long vowels (a, ā, e, ē, u, ū, i, ī, o, ō) are common in ________.
Sino-Tibetan languagesDravidian languagesUralic languagesBurushaski

Question 2: The cities of ________, Udupi and Kasaragod being the cultural centres of Tulu culture.

Question 3: ________: Bhajans sung in numerous temples across the Tulu region are varied and are dedicated to various gods and goddesses.

Question 4:
Who of the following spoke at the Tulu language?

Question 5: [11] The native speakers of Tulu are referred to as ________ or Tulu people.
Tulu NaduTuluvaTulu languageBunt (community)

Question 6: This adoption of Kannada script for writing Tulu is mainly attributed to the German missionaries, who had established a printing press in ________ which used the Kannada script.

Question 7:
What region does Tulu language belong to?
Mu00F8re og Romsdal
Northern Mindanao, and Davao Region
Tulu Nadu: Region of Karnataka and Kerala States

Question 8: The entire paddana was written down by Finnish scholar Lauri Honko[21] of Turku University and it falls four lines short of ________'s Iliad, the world's longest poem.
HomerClassical antiquityAncient GreeceTroy

Question 9:
What family does Tulu language belong to?

Question 10: Tulu has five parts of speech: nouns (substantives and ________), pronouns, numerals, verbs, and particles.
GerundAdverbPreposition and postpositionAdjective

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