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Tuktoyaktuk: Quiz


Question 1: Tuktoyaktuk has a large Protestant following, with a sizeable ________ population as well.
CatholicBishopEcumenical councilCatholicism

Question 2: In subsequent years, the Alaskan Dene people, as well as residents of ________, settled here.
Baillie IslandBarter IslandHerschel IslandBanks Island

Question 3: Large industrial buildings remain from the busy period following the 1973 ________ oil embargo and 1979 summertime fuel shortage.
2000s energy crisisPetroleumPeak oilOPEC

Question 4: Tuktoyaktuk is set on Kugmallit Bay, near the ________ Delta, and is located on the Arctic tree line.
Hornaday RiverMackenzie RiverGreat Bear RiverGreat Slave Lake

Question 5: In 2008, Tuktoyaktuk was featured in the second season of the reality television series ________.
Ice Road TruckersNorthwest TerritoriesYellowknifeAlaska

Question 6: Tuktoyaktuk, or Tuktuyaaqtuuq (Inuvialuktun: it looks like a caribou),[3] is an Inuvialuit hamlet located in the Inuvik Region of the Northwest Territories, ________.
United StatesCanadaUnited KingdomBarbados

Question 7: Other activities include collecting driftwood, ________ herding, and berrypicking.
ElkMountain goatReindeerMoose

Question 8: Today, reefs resembling these petrified caribou are said to be visible at low ________ along the shore of the town.
Current sea level riseTidal powerPhysical oceanographyTide

Question 9: It also referenced in ________ as a place Fraser was stationed.
Due SouthUnited StatesAlly McBealUnited Kingdom

Question 10: Locals rely on caribou in the autumn, ________ and geese in both spring and autumn, and fishing year-round.


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