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Tudor period: Quiz


Question 1: It was made of peas, milk, egg yolks, breadcrumbs and parsley and flavoured with saffron and ________.

Question 2:
What proceeded Tudor period?
"Geno" by Dexys Midnight Runners
to the Papal States
Elizabethan Era
with "For vu00E5r jord"

Question 3:
Where does Tudor period end?

Question 4: Instead of drinking ________ with their meals, they often drank ale and wine.
WaterEarthWater resourcesOxygen

Question 5: [citation needed] Those who left their ________ in order to locate work were termed vagabonds and could be subjected to punishments including whipping.

Question 6: It was very expensive and difficult to make, so the panes were made small and held together with a ________ lattice, in casement windows.

Question 7: It began as a result of ________'s grievance at Pope Clement VII regarding his refusal to grant a divorce.
Henry VIII of EnglandElizabeth I of EnglandEdward VI of EnglandCharles I of England

Question 8: It was at first intended as a demonstration against ________ of common land.
Open field systemEnclosureWestern Cape Anti-Eviction CampaignLandless Workers' Movement

Question 9: You could tell the class of a person by the bread they ate; rich people ate bread made from white of wholemeal flour, but poor people ate bread made from rye and even ground ________.

Question 10: During the Tudor period, the use of ________ when building houses was first used, and became widespread.
Cranberry glassGlassMACORBorosilicate glass

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