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Tucuxi: Quiz


Question 1: Numerous individuals have been seen in the ________ further north, though it is not clear whether these are Tucuxi or Costero.
Rio Negro (Amazon)VenezuelaOrinocoAmazon River

Question 2: The existence of two species has been generally accepted by the scientific community, however, the ________ still treats both species as a single species Sotalia fluviatilis.
Conservation statusInternational Union for Conservation of NatureExtinctionEndangered species

Question 3: Pollution, in particular mercury poisoning of water due to ________-mining, is a particular concern for this species.

Question 4: Physically the species, particularly the marine variety, resembles the ________.
Bottlenose dolphinKiller whaleGreat white sharkShark

Question 5: However, this species is sufficiently different from the Bottlenose Dolphin that it is given its own ________, Sotalia.
LifeBiological classificationGenusClass (biology)

Question 6: The Tucuxi (Sotalia fluviatilis), alternately bufeo gris or bufeo negro (both in ________) is a dolphin found in the rivers of the Amazon Basin.

Question 7: The Tucuxi exists along much the length of the ________ and many of its tributaries, and is found in Brazil, Peru, south-east Colombia, and eastern Ecuador.
Amazon RiverSouth AmericaAmazon RainforestSão Paulo


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